Reiss’ 1971 range

Having worked on the shop floor for Reiss, I still keep an eye out for news about the brand. It is one of, if not the, best on the high street.

The most recent venture is the 1971 range, initially based around denim (something the brand had been missing). Reiss has always been reliable for updating your work wardrobe or for an amazing statement dress, but this new collection injects something of that ‘wow’ factor into your everyday wardrobe.

Some of the key pieces:

Leather jacket £295
Sweater with fringing £89
Sequin top £89

A competition was run with dazed digital to design a t-shirt for the range.


The competition is now closed, but you can still view the entries. And the promo video is fantastic. View it at:
It features a great remix of the song ‘My generation’.

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