Jimmy Choo for H&M Party!

Friday was the night I went to the Jimmy Choo launch for H&M. Upon arriving, we still had to queue for 30 mins but was it worth it? YES YES YES! Immediately presented with a glass of champagne, delightful canapes and beautiful cocktails, I thought my head was going to spin all night!

The collection was spread over three floors, with replenishment being added as soon as it was scoped off the shelves! The shoes were downstairs in a cordoned off area- another queue! I was, however, dismayed to find that they only go up to a size 6.5. On with the shopping we went, also taking advantage of our 25% off normal H&M stock. I was actually in a panic looking for something to buy, when my voice of reason (best friend Claire) came to my rescue. To be honest, the clothes are quite nice and the shoes and bags aren’t great quality (you’d get better at Faith for the same price). But it was the accessories that saved the day. I purchased the purse (very soft black leather, very classic) and the bracelets and necklace are fabulous. Beware of dodgy stitching on the bags by the way, who wants to spend £180 on a bag that is already coming apart?
Overall the range will be a success, I have seen better, but the party was A-MA-ZING and my ‘Earring Boutique’ earrings brought lots of compliments. If you want to invest, head to their website for a gorgeous dangly pair.

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