‘Sno’ men

After posting yesterday about Topshop’s ‘Sno’ range for women, I had a request for trendy ski gear for men. Although Topshop do not yet sell a ‘Sno’ range for men, they do have a few bargain bits left in the sale, but I think you’ll have to be fast to get them:


Although there are other, more reliable sources, such as North Face, a label which is currently experiencing something of a ‘trendy’ status, especially with the Kings Road set. Their website is a little too technical to navigate for me, but I’m sure people who actually ski and know what they are looking for will find some gems. I did like the look of this mens jacket:

But to look good on the slopes, perhaps for a bit of apres ski, you will need a trapper hat. This seasons must have for your head. Here are a couple from ASOS.com (pout and smouldering stare optional).

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