Introducing some 2010 trends…

Hooray, a new season! Unsurprisingly, lots of the summer trends for 2010 are proving to be quite revealing. They include boy shorts, hot pants, thigh high split dresses and see through fabric.

Louis Vuitton
One of the more fun trends has already been spotted on this seasons high street – oversized bows on hairbands, inspired by the bunny ears sent down Louis Vuitton’s catwalk and trailblazer Lady Gaga! This fun accessory is proving a favourite for photo editorials.

‘Hopeless’ underwear
Another playful trend is underwear being worn as outerwear. H&M are already stocking gorgeous corset top dresses with tiered skirts. Although they come with uber-skinny straps – so get lifting those weights! The ever flattering balcony bra will be incorporated into tops creating beautiful femenine curves. See the cover of last months Elle (which I blogged about in November) for inspiration!

Chanel SS2010
Jeans will be torn, ripped and patched – wear with what has become a wardrobe staple (and still a key trend), the boyfriend blazer.

Topshop, £50
My favourite look is still the jump/play suit which will be seen in shorter cuts as we approach warmer months!

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