Cheerleaders at the top

My addiction to Glee has led to the rediscovering of my love for cheerleading. I have never even sung a cheer, let alone been a cheerleader, but the culture is as intriguing as ever. The trend for all things ’90s’ has got me reaching for Bring It On, and googling the lyrics for the Toro’s cheer. Cheerleaders are notorious for being ‘not very nice’ and ruling the school from behind a veil of lipgloss, short skirts and hairspray. But perhaps the attraction is the perennial issue of ‘popularity’. For me it’s the dancing, and the cute outfits (along with the associated popularity I’m sure – what boy wouldn’t want to date the cheerleader?). Watching Glee has brought back all those feelings of wanting to ‘fit in’ and be seen to be good at something at school, and cheerleaders are definitely at the top of that all-American tree. 
For some inspiration, here’s how to get yourself a Zac Efron…

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