LOVE | Issue 3

The new issue of Love magazine is out on the 8th of February. I’ve just found out, courtesy of, that they are selling eight different cover versions. All the female models featured are naked, including Naomi, Kate and Daria and Love have printed their measurements. Apparently this is to show the variation in their size. I’m not sure what this is meant to prove, but I do ‘love’ Love magazine so I will reserve judgement until I have the actual copy. The cover actually reminds me of the last i-D cover which featured three of the supers naked. I thought the ‘size issue’ was passe, but with V magazine’s current size issue fast becoming a collectors edition and Lara Stone being heralded as the ‘non-model’ model; it seems that what size you are, is still a hot topic. 

Here are all eight covers. Images were taken from, hence the ‘magnify’ labels. Visit this link for’s report:

I will be trying to get my hands on Kate and Natalia…

Amber Valetta

Daria Werbowy

Jeneil Williams

Kate Moss

Kristen McMenamy

Lara Stone

Naomi Campbell

Natalia Vodianova (My personal favourite…)

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