Lula – Issue 10

Lula is my favourite magazine (I know lots of people say that, but it honestly is – I treat my back copies like prized possessions). Issue 10 is particularly exciting because there are seven covers to choose from. The theme is the cartoon character ‘Strawberry Shortcake’.

I’m pretty sure it was Strawberry Shortcake bedroom wallpaper that as a small child I was absolutely terrified of. However, the remarkably un-scary Strawberry delight, makes a comeback in Lula via outfits designed and inspired by her character as well as all her other colourful friends. There is a photo shoot in Lula which features all the designs, with each original character having it’s own cover. I bought the signature Strawberry Shortcake one, without even realising – it was just my favourite shot and model. The model is Kim Noorda and the outfit designed by Charles Anastase. 
The issue is already proving to be a hit – I got my copy from the newsstand opposite Liberty. 
Strawberry Shortcake
Orange Blossom
Blueberry Muffin
Raspberry Tart
Plum Puddin’
Lime Chiffon
Lemon Meringue
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