I’m always on the look out for new (new to me at least) and inspirational websites. I came across Ponystep today whilst googling my tutor so I could have a go at gauging his writing style. But as he apparently writes for Ponystep, it lead to this happy discovery. Covering music, fashion, beauty, art and parties this is a site for fashionable customers looking for an alternative view on London’s fashionable scene. 
I think it is actually a reincarnation of Shoreditch club night, BoomBox. Time Out describes Boombox (at Hoxton Square Bar & Grill) as
“...masquerad[ing] under Richard Mortimer’s fashion and lifestyle blog Ponystep. Expect the same usual rules – dress fash, leftfield designer, Soho Boho and polysexual, people – and guest DJs spinning upfront disco and electro sounds.
…which gives you a good idea of the web content. The articles are well written and it makes a refreshing change to read about something other than the mainstream that I feel more and more bombarded by on a daily basis. 
In particular, check out Bella Freud’s interview with Jane Shepherdson and Paul Tierney’s ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ – interview with William English

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