Converse, Swarovski & Snow PR Winter 2010/11 press days

It’s certainly the height of press day season when you have three or four to attend in two hours. I made it to three, which I was pleased with! 
Converse first, and favourite, I was the first person in (keen or what?) and I wasn’t disappointed. The emphasis was on getting back to traditional styles; suede, wool and soft leather Jack Purcells and classic sports running styles in jewel colours. These will sit alongside a range of ‘Woodstock’ inspired hi-tops, featuring The Who and Jimmy Hendrix amongst others. There are also lots of sequinned beauties as well as the ‘all time’ plain classics. Another new feature added to some of the more classic styles is an extended toe cap, in suede, which apparently is more feminine and elongates the foot. Visit:
No photos allowed at their press day I’m afraid, but keep your eyes peeled for some pics coming soon…
Pam Hogg at Snow PR

I was looking forward to seeing Pam Hogg’s designs at Snow PR anyway, but was even more excited t actually meet her in person! Above is Pam with a design for Lady Gaga. There were other outfits that she had designed for Lady Gaga as well as a lace dress with chiffon batwing arms for Kylie. Other stand out brands included PPQ – everything in black and gold, lots of monogramming, peplum skirts and satin (they are aiming to dress an older woman, a more couture feel) and Glassworks – a new website that is aiming between ASOS and Net a Porter, selling designer brands at a price point somewhere in between the two. Visit:
Swarovski was everything you may expect – glittering and gorgeous. Some pieces more refined than others, but all certainly sparkling. I got to watch the second Sex and the City 2 trailer (Swarovski are an official sponsor – look out for the box bag and champagne flutes) – very excited about the return of Aidan (she should have picked him from the start). Swarovski are continuing their support of breast cancer research by selling a pendant (to match last years necklace) and a pen, with some of the profits going to the charity. Visit:

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