MUST SEE… Pop up exhibition at Selfridges Ultralounge

The shrine to paper

Long live the DIY aesthetic!
From the 1st to the 29th of April, ‘The Girls’ (artists Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair) will be in residence at Selfridges’ Ultralounge, London, in the most recent Photographer’s Gallery collaboration. The giant space has been transformed into their temporary workplace – an eighties inspired den of wonder, which on approach has a film set/Willy Wonka-esque atmosphere. The result of their time spent there will be three issues of ‘The Paper Eaters – Long Live The Photo-Story’. Staff and visitors as well as themselves and other artists are used as models in the photostories, based in and around Selfridges. 
Andrea and Zoe both feel that the digital age has come at a price and are successfully showing how much creativity we are missing out on by neglecting craft, not physically printing out photos and placing so much importance on digital enhancement. The focus is on interaction, and in the installation you will find a shrine to paper (which will become a shoot location for issue three), a disco dance floor, various collaborations with hat and filmmakers, and (my personal favourite) a wardrobe of cardboard ‘cut-out’ clothes (created by artist Jessica Jarvis) which visitors are encouraged to try on and photograph themselves in. The Girls are celebrating the traditional printing process at a time when digital is taking over. No doubt you will leave the Ultralounge this April, reminded of how good it feels to flick through a photo album held in your hands, the fun and frivolity of reading a photostory and with a real, lingering urge to cut and paste something (with scissors, not on your Mac).
The first edition of The Paper Eaters – Long Live The Photo-Story magazine will be published on Wednesday 7 April, followed by the second issue on Saturday 17 April and the last issue on Thursday 22 April. All are available to buy at Selfridges and The Photographer’s Gallery priced at £2.80 each. 
The Photographers Gallery:
Selfridges (What’s On, London, Ultralounge):

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