Village Press – Press day AW 2010/11

Village Press held their press days last Wednesday and Thursday. After getting a bit lost (very strange for me), I found their secluded, but lovely offices near Farringdon tube. A very tall building, (involving lots of stairs), I headed straight up to the top floor to check out Kenzo and Betty Barclay for some possible products for High and First life. Then I perused Ashish and Frost French for both the magazine and my own personal interest! They had some lovely pieces, including amazing Betty Barclay and Kenzo shoes and beautiful Ashish vintage sequin pj’s. As nice as everything was though, I will continue to look forward to the sunny summer and not wish away the time until AW 2010! 
p.s Village Press also look after A Bathing Ape and Lula magazine, two of my faves. A little opposition going on there, but variety is the spice of life! 
Kenzo bag
Kenzo shoes

Amazing Kenzo shoes i.e. I NEED A PAIR IN MY WARDROBE! 
The Kenzo collection
Woweee the amazing Ashish pj’s – made to be seen surely?
Betty Barclay – Love them

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