A DIY Cosmopolitan

Perfect for a beginning of the week pick me up… a DIY cosmopolitan! 

I discovered these in the cupboard – more remnants of press days – and decided to give the ’10 second cocktail’ a whirl (10 seconds to make, not necessarily to drink). I’m glad I did – I’m as picky about my cosmo’s as Carrie, but this actually tasted really good!

Skyy vodka is one of the sponsors of Sex and the City 2, which reminds me the sequel is out next week! Yay!

CLICK HERE to visit Funkin Puree’s website where you can buy the pouches of cocktail mix (example: 8 pouches of cosmo or mojito are £6.44 and each one makes a large cocktail)

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  1. Lucy
    May 19, 2010 / 9:17 pm

    You can also buy these in Sainsburys – they are so yum

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