Florence and the Machine LIVE!

This Saturday was the final date of Florence and the Machine’s UK tour, played at the Hammersmith Apollo. I had cleverly (and now feel, somewhat smugly) sat by my laptop on the day the tickets went on sale and watched the seconds countdown until 9am – it was lucky I did as they sold out in under five minutes. It was, however, certainly worth obsessing over since Florence and the Machine were AMAZING. 
Whilst we were waiting, I thought I would be ‘ironic’ and use my Grazia application to put Florence on the stage. I thought it was funny, Tom wasn’t that amused…
And then… Florence (the real life Florence), enters the stage:
The set was beautiful, and complimented the luxe vintage interior of the Apollo. Red velvet, bird cages with deep yellow tones, a blackbird perched on top and deep red roses. During some of the more pulsating beats the lights in the cages shone on brightly and then faded out – a stunning visual effect. Florence herself emerged from the oversized disco ball to a rapturous welcome and looked resplendent in a sheer dress with leather hotpants underneath (and p.s she has the most super legs I have ever seen in real life)
Standout tunes? – Drumming Song, saw Florence remove her shoes, tap out the beat on her own drum and thrash around the stage. It goes without saying that You’ve Got the Love and Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) brought the house down, but there weren’t any songs that let the atmosphere ebb or fade. The energy was infectious, Florence, the Machine, the string section, the keyboard player, the choir and Tom the harpist all seemed genuinely happy to be there. It felt almost pre-destined. This fresh and unaffected vibe only added to the appeal, especially as they are all so ‘stand-out’ talented. My favourite tune was My Boy Builds Coffins – which surprised me, but live it sounded so light and I loved singing along. 
Funniest / stupidest thing we overheard:

Man 1: Is her full name Florence Welch? 

Man 2: Yes

Man 1: So, is she Welsh then?

Gig Images: Gig Wise (Click Here to visit the site and read their review)

The supporting acts were Babe Shadow who I thought were brilliant. They had what I would describe as a vintage reggae sound, and the frontman made good use of an accordion. Check them out on their myspace page HERE

The other supporting act were Drums, who I thought were ok, and Tom really liked. They are from New York and reminded me of Marty from Back to the Future. The bass player made me laugh by going crazy with a tambourine and leaping extremely high in the air. Entertaining. Check out their homepage HERE

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