Grand Designs Live – A Grand Day Out

Kevin McCloud – The face of Grand Designs

So I decided that Tom puts up with a LOT of fashion talk and many shopping trips (although he is partial to a splurge himself) and got us tickets to this years Grand Designs Live exhibition at the ExCel Centre. We both enjoy the programme – Tom is loving this year’s Christmas present from my mum of the GD magazine subscription, and I enjoy a ‘secret’ crush on presenter Kevin McCloud (I think it has something to do with his voice, but anyway…)
Where to start… Grand Gardens, Grand Interiors, Grand Designs…

I don’t think either of us knew quite what to expect (except for plenty of pictures of Kevin – personally I didn’t think there were enough). Tom enjoyed the various sliding door technologies, solar lighting systems and everlasting drill bits. We both enjoyed the 3D LG TV’s (A-MAZING), the Dyson bladeless fan and the spa and hot tub section. We actually do have a hot tub in the garden but these ones are self cleaning (ours hasn’t been in use for nearly a year due to this factor), swimming pool in size and complete with disco lighting systems! Pool party! 

Cheshire Wellness had the best on offer, also showcasing a pool with water jets that you can swim against (which left us wondering, what happens when you get tired? Cue comedy images of being shot straight to the other end)
A rival spa company offering a ‘spa gym’ 

Other highlights included The Games Room Company; a firm favourite, which saw us debating over whether we should have a jukebox, a pool table, popcorn maker or Coca Cola vending machine…
Jukebox from £5495

From £6000, original vending machines fully restored

Other trends in interior design included glass art work, photo montages (although starting to look a little dated), vibrating machinery (for exercise) and wooden housing.
Everyone knows how much I love my food, so undeniably the area we spent most time was the food section. We sampled cheese, ate crepes and hot dogs. We were tempted by the chocolate fondue and won over by the crepes. A hot tip seems to be toffee flavoured vodka, which there was at least three stalls for. 
So what turned out to be a treat for Tom turned out to also be a grand day out for me too. Although I think it may have given him grand designs of his own – I think we will be back next year and leaving with a set of those sliding glass doors instead of three blocks of cheese…

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