The Great Escape

Staverton Village
View from my bedroom window at mum’s
As much as I love it, I can only stand three months tops in London before I need to escape and get away to the countryside. Mum lives near Totnes in Devon – providing us with the perfect sanctuary. This time it has been over four months since we made our last retreat, so this bank holiday couldn’t have come soon enough. We always indulge in lots of quiet time, beach bbq’s, visiting family and lots (and lots) of food.



First stop, Slapton Sands and a lovely beachside cafe called ‘Sea Breeze’. It is becoming more popular as  people discover it’s cake and sandwich delights. Pineapple upside down cake, butternut squash, sweet potato and coconut soup and eccles cakes amongst the treats – everything is homemade.
Mmmmm sausage sandwich

Windy on the beach! 

After being able to spend all of ten minutes on the beach (due to gale force winds!), we took the short drive to Dartmouth. Renowned in the area for being a spot of beauty, and perfect for wandering around as it is made of lots of small streets with lots of boutique type shops.


The feeding continued, as we visited my friend Ed in his fudge shop (Edward’s Fudge Kitchen) He also owns the fudge shop in Brixham and is one of the few who is privvy to just how much fudge I consume when in Devon! This really is the best fudge ever – crumbly not chewy. We stopped for a coffee in ‘No 8 Brasserie’ where Tom had a delicious looking cream tea (which I resisted!)
We caught the new ‘Higher ferry’ (there is also a ‘Lower Ferry’ further down the river), to cross to Kingswear. The sun decided to come out eventually, which was lovely. And just as we started to feel ourselves relax, it was time to head the wrong way back up the A38. But already making plans to come back soon…
Happy days


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