Day one at Vogue House…

I feel like I have been thinking about what to wear today, my first day at Vogue, since I got the internship last September. You will understand then, how I felt when I woke up yesterday with three cold sores on my lip, a scalp that was peeling from sunburn, and bloodshot eyes from hay fever – bloody typical. However, this morning, I awoke feeling excited about my ‘Vogue adventure’ and surprisingly unaffected by my ailments (and p.s my hair was fine this morning – thank God for small mercies). 
I happily learnt how to go about my daily tasks whilst trying to downplay the fact that I was a little starstruck by the stylists and writers whom I have admired for quite a while. Everyone is lovely; don’t believe everything that the Hills and Devil Wears Prada would rather that you did. It was brilliant being around so many designer labels, as if I didn’t have enough of a taste for them already (a case of champagne tastes, lemonade income!) If today is anything to go by, I think the next three weeks are going to be a real treat. 

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