Shrek: The Musical, comes to town

The green Shrek stage
Covent Garden, the Prince of Wales, Jack Black and a big, green ogre. It could only be the Royal Gala performance of, Shrek: The Musical. The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts is the official charity and education partner for the latest, greenest musical in London town. His Royal Highness met the cast on the night, which includes Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona and Nigel Lindsay as the ogre Shrek. As the musical is based on the Dreamworks animated film of the same name, it was appropriate that the evening was hosted by the Dreamworks Chief Executive, Jeffrey Katzenberg. So in the Royal box, sat the Prince of Wales, Jeffrey Katzenberg and none other than Jack Black – who voices the lead role in animated movie Kung Fu Panda. We had anticipated a Royal arrival (luckily our seats were in line with the box) as one of the seats had a special red cushion – the resting place of the Prince for the duration of the show.

 Jack Black takes his seat

 *Waving* to Prince Charles
Set around the storyline of the first Shrek film, the bumbling ogre sets off in pursuit of rescuing the Princess Fiona from her tower prison by order of the evil Lord Farquaad. Travelling with his laugh-a-minute sidekick Donkey, played by Richard Blackwood, Shrek finds himself falling in love with the Princess. It is safe to say that Lord Farquaad, played by Nigel Harman, stole the show. Acting the whole duration on his knees, making him appear short in stature, the choreography and delivery of his lines was hilarious. Amanda Holden was also totally brilliant in her all-singing, all-dancing role. The chemistry between Shrek and Donkey wasn’t quite there, which we thought was a little disappointing. But overall, it is an enjoyable, laugh-along, sing-along musical, which will have the whole family up and dancing along to the final number. 
Amanda Holden tweeted this picture from the night

Shrek the Musical: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London
Visit the website,, for more details and to book your tickets

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