Wimbledon: The Slazenger Party

Yes, it’s over for another year. Yes, we know who won, that it rained and that Andy Murray didn’t make it to the final. But I still thought it was worth mentioning the brilliant Wimbledon party hosted by Slazenger at St Barnabus House in Soho. Queuing up behind us was ‘the one with the long blonde hair from that Chelsea programme – the boy’. Once inside, that WAG that gets everywhere, yes, Lizzie Cundy, was ‘amusingly’ holding two of the giant tennis balls that were dotted around, to her chest. What a unique photo opportunity.
But so far I’m not painting a picture of how good this party actually was. Neon pink and yellow Wimbledon/Slazenger tennis balls indeed decorated the bar area and led us to the next room where there was a giant white chocolate fountain. Outside was still fairly empty, so we headed past a few deck chairs, past a tall umpires seat and to the BBQ to snaffle a pitta with grilled halloumi with one hand and toast with a glass of pink champers with the other. We spotted boxer Joe Calzaghe and X Factor winner Shayne Ward also enjoying the delights of the garden, and then indulged in some of the strawberries and cream – totes appropriate. Chelsea Caggie joined the garden party – and was pictured the next day in the Dail Mail falling out of one of the nearby clubs and showing her knickers – but with no sign of Pip Mid, we headed inside, chasing whispers of boy band The Wanted.
More champers, more chatting to a boy band that told us they were too famous to tell us who they were (then surely we shouldn’t need to ask? Hmmm) then just at the right moment we headed to the photo op room just as tennis legend John McEnroe joined the party. He posed with a giant tennis racquet, then behind a cut-out of one of his famous ‘tennis moments’. It seemed to be the place to be, so we hit a few balls with the giant racquets and watched Shayne Ward play football with one of the cheesiest American pro-dancers from Strictly Come Dancing. Shayne was lovely and happily chatted, took a picture and didn’t even cringe when we animatedly told him that, yes, we had voted for him on the X Factor. We left with a Limited Edition tin of Wimbledon tennis balls, an appropriately decorated cake pop, and a girl crush on Jameela Jamil – that girl’s legs are a-mazing. 
 John McEnroe – tennis legend
Me – tennis novice 

Shayne Ward and Strictly dancer

Me and Kyrsty meet the lovely Shayne Ward

Slazenger cake pops

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