Come fly with me

Flying in First – what a treat! 
So, this weekend it was back to New York for me; seeing as though Mr Peach is living here for work until January it seems sensible to make the most of being here for all the exciting American holidays. This time it is for Thanksgiving, and I’m here for a whole week. Halloween was a ‘white out’ – we got trapped in 11 inches of snow, or rather we chose to stay indoors having taken five hours to get home from the shopping mall we got thrown out of when all of the power went out. 
Anyway, the most important bit was that we got to spend the time together (although I was bitterly disappointed at not getting to wear my $50 Party City witch outfit – do Americans dress up as ghouls for any other holidays?) The most exciting part of my trip over here was being bumped up to First Class on the Virgin Atlantic flight. I’m not entirely sure why this amazing event occurred, but I am not going to start questioning it – although Mr Peach does have a gold card and one of us has been flying over here once a month for the past year, give or take. Turning left when you board that plane instead of right ensures a fixed grin for the next seven hours – a seat that turns into an actual bed for goodness sake! Glam, glam, glam. Continual feeding and watering, a selection of fine wines, steak and mashed sweet potatoes, choice of starters, sticky toffee pudding, afternoon tea, lots of space – did I mention my seat turned into a bed? Of course my happiness had a lot to do with seeing Mr Peach again, but boy oh boy has the bar been raised – how will I ever happily turn right again? 
The luxurious surroundings of being in Business, and a view of a sunny Long Island


  1. Gilly
    November 22, 2011 / 8:27 am

    Omg! looks and sounds lush. Wel jel! xx

  2. November 22, 2011 / 10:06 am

    Wow, so lucky! Flying first in the best and that picture from the plane is lovely! =)

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