The Hudson Riverfront 9/11 Memorial

The view from our New Jersey apartment in Weehawken is incredible. Made even more so this September, when a 9/11 memorial was erected in front of the block marking the site where 60,000 people were evacuated away from the horrors of that day in 2001. The two eight feet wide trident shaped beams served as supports in the World Trade Centre Buildings (photograph below) and were salvaged from the site. Nearly 3000 people died in the attacks. There wasn’t anyone else at the memorial when I visited it on a sunny autumn day. There was a definite air of calm and reflection – the juxtaposition of the original photo, the beams and the site they once stood where One World Trade Centre is now being built; is awesomely breathtaking. 

Above: The memorial on the left and our apartment block on the right

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