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In the second of our ‘something for the weekend’ make up series from bareEscentuals make up artist, Elizabeth Hudson, we show you how to make you eyes stand out on any dancefloor.  
To really add a bit of fun and sparkle to your weekend, inject colour to your look in a bright and vibrant way. Blue isn’t a colour commonly used, since the 80’s made it almost impossible to escape the era, though using the right combination of tones and softer shades can make blue very versatile and a colour to be loved by all. 
The look I’ve put together can be adapted to suit varying skin tones, hair and eye colours; blue eyes and blonde hair can opt for a more turquoise blue, as the greenish tone will complement the cooler colouring; brown and green eyes suit deeper blues, look for rich, royal shades to add depth and add a silvery blue for vibrancy.
1. Apply a small amount of Brightening Pearl eyelid primer (slivery pearl) over the lid of the eye, blending softly up to the brow. Using a finger to apply as opposed to a brush allows the primer to blend more evenly (little finger is best as you can see where your going more easily).
2. Sweep shimmery Tiara (soft snowy white) over the eye from the inner corner and buff up to the brow bone.
3. Using a small amount of Ell-If-I-Know eyeshadow (bright peacock blue) with a contouring brush (bristles should be shaped to a soft peak or point at the end to allow for concentration of colour), blend the colour on the lid of the eye up to the natural crease contour. Start in the centre of the eye and blend to the outer corner, pressing and buffing into the crease on the outer corner, then blend softly into the inner corner, being careful not to take much colour here.
(TIP: When using strong colours on the eyes build up the strength of colour slowly, so you’ll know what suits you or for what occasion it suits you)
4. With Blue Moon (soft baby blue), take this from the inner corner of the eye to the centre. This will soften and tone the colour down, and help to brighten and open up the eyes. Use a small amount of Tiara, or what was left on the brush from using it before, buff gently along the crease contour to soften any colour lines.
5. Apply Big & Bright eyeliner, in Midnight blue or Charcoal grey, thinly along the top and bottom lash line and blend with Blue Moon and a Heavenly liner brush.
6. Pop on your perfect base, a thick coat of volumising mascara in black and blusher, keeping the tone soft. Cool skin tones use a soft pink with a blue undertone such as Hint, and warm skin tones opt for more peachy pink like First Class.
7. Finish with a good lashing of Buxom lip-plumping gloss; Dolly (plum tone) for cool skins or Leslie (pale apricot) for warm skins.

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  1. MaryMary
    November 22, 2011 / 8:29 am

    A-m-a-z-i-n-g! thank you.

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