Something for the weekend: Minimal make up

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In the forth of our make up tutorial series, from bareEscentuals make up artist Elizabeth Hudson, we bring you a feel good look, totally sans chemicals…
Last week saw something new and very exciting make an appearance at the boutique. Using a process that’s never been achieved before, bareMinerals have come up with a way of compacting 100% mineral eyeshadows without chemicals and fillers that are normally used. Powered by a SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, the eyeshadows are not pressed, they are a naturally compact solid. An ultra smooth, silky texture, they are easy to blend, with a more matte finish. They are beneficial as they leave the eye area softer, smoother and revitalized. Teamed with the eye rev-er upper you will really the benefits. This creamy texture brightens the eye area using light reflective minerals that diffuse darkness and lighten under eye skin, and cucumber extracts that soothes the skin and relieves puffiness.


1. Smooth eye rev-er upper around eye area, not too close to eyes, to prevent build up of product.

2. Use One Hit Wonder (light beige) from Ready palette as a base all over the lid of the eye up to the brow.

(TIP: There is a small double-ended brush with the eye palette. Use the tapered end for all over colour and the small pointed contour end for precision and depth.)

3. With the tapered end of the brush blend bronze colour Louder on the lid of the eye up to just above the natural crease contour.

4. Line the top lash line and outer corner of the lower lash line with Big & Bright liner in Plum.

5. Use Most Requested (burgundy) with the contour brush to push colour into the crease of the eye and blend along the eyeliner to soften.

6. Finish the eyes with Chart Topper (beige gold) blended softly in the inner corners and under high point of brows.

7. Apply a natural coverage base with a soft rosy blush like Escape and bareMinerals natural gloss in 7 Layer Cake (candy floss pink).

Reported by Elizabeth Hudson

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  1. watters
    December 12, 2011 / 7:04 pm

    Another very helpful article….the powder eyeshadows are amazingly intense…I love them…I look forward to trying the compact shadows. The plum eyeliner is my favourite colour.

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