Aussie Quiz of the Year

Our knowledge of Australian culture was put to the test at the 2013 Aussie quiz of the year, held at Home House last night.

Our quizmaster for the evening was T4’s Rick Edwards, who sat atop a wicker throne surrounded by surfboards and all things tropical.

After a delicious feast of fresh seafood and salads, and chocolate peanut cake, we got going with the quiz. Our team, included beauty editors from More! And Love It! Note to self: my publication title should really include an exclamation mark.

We were team Miracle Moist, named after the wonderful Aussie hair product range. We answered questions about everything from celebrity to culture and were even able to identify a picture of that renowned bushranger, Ned Kelly. But sadly we didn’t live up to the high-flying legacy of our namesake, and ended up finishing 5th. Out of five.

No worries mate: the cocktails kept flowing, Rick was charmingly entertaining and we headed home with a bag of gorgeous Aussie goodies to boot.

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