The View from The Shard

They say when you are tired of London, then you are tired of life. Well, if like me you have been feeling pretty sleepy recently then a trip up the Shard could be the perfect wake up call.

A trip to the 69th floor of the newest London resident was on my list of things to do this year, although the £24.95 fee had at first put me off. If this is what is holding you back, I’d say dig deep. From Big Ben to Tower Bridge, the Olympic Stadium to Tower of London and St Paul’s to the Wembley arch, every London landmark from old to new is clear as day. On a clear day, at least.

They say you can see the English Channel and even France, when the weather is particularly nice. But with such a spectacular view of our hometown, we spent well over a hour picking out hot spots, remembering happy times and generally falling in love with London all over again.

When to go: A 16:30 entrance slot right now means you get daylight, sunset and twilight.
What else is there: Observation deck on 69th floor and open air top deck – not too windy!

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