Ann Summers does winter 2013

We may not have had a summer yet, but we are already keenly viewing the winter 2013 collections. They will start hitting the shops in July, so all I can warn is- buy those bikinis now before you end up with mismatch sizes only leftover.

At Ann Summers this coming winter it’s all about raising the temperature, with their new collection of sex-cessories setting the tone. From black velvet handcuffs to diamanté encrusted whips and leatherette paddles- bondage has gone beautiful. And much more accessible. 
There is, as always, an unbeatable selection of vibrators. Don’t be shy – they will definitely have what you are after. Hopefully, after the shady grey phenomena last year, the stigma of purchasing sex toys is on the way out. From expanding, air-bagged rabbits to ride on vibrators, there is something for everyone.
And it’s not all about naughty at Ann Summers. There is a wide selection of gorgeous underwear – and not all crotchless. In fact I only saw one pair sans crotch. There are balcony and racer back bras and lots of lacy, rose gold, baby doll, waspies, bow detail, tuxedo style, sumptuous goodies to pair with. 
Shake that stigma and see what Ann Summers has to offer. Treat yourself to a few confidence boosting sex-cessories. The race back balcony bra I have is the best fitting and most well-received bra I have ever worn. And I’m no Mrs Christian Grey.         


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