Best tapas restaurant in west London: Toro Gordo, Hammersmith

Perusing the culinary delights at Toro Gordo…
Hammersmith has been given the nickname of ‘Glamour-smith’ by my work colleagues and I, whose office is in nearby Brook Green. Yes, this is supposed to be ironic, since it is pretty grey and drab and busy, with a high level of confused people wandering aimlessly. Maybe they are all trying to figure out which tube line is from which station or find the Apollo.
Anyway, there has been a someway quiet evolution of restaurants and shops popping up in Hammersmith, to which I’m pretty sure most of my colleagues are unaware of. But I walk through the main high street on my way home. And while it still is lacking in ‘glamour’, it is growing in ‘cool’ – which is actually far more preferable…

 Case in point: Toro Gordo. An authentic Spanish tapas bar


Yes, this place is in Hammersmith! I had noticed it a few times, so decided to head there for dinner with Elizabeth (sister and FashCatherine contributor). I had already chosen it as our dinner location, but Googled to check out a few reviews – which were all glowing, all the way from TripAdvisor to Time Out.

Spanish people had raved about the duck breast, the goats cheese and the scallops, so they were top of our list. Everything we ordered was delicious, melt-in-the-mouth, and flavoursome. And our tequila/watermelon cocktail was refreshing – and a tonic to the watery, pathetic excuses for cocktails I have had to sup recently. Here’s what we had:
Jamon, cheese and egg croquettes with aioli
Toro Bravo cocktail – tequila, watermelon, cointreau, lychee and lime juice
Goats cheese, walnut and molasses dressing salad 
Seared scallops with pesto
Tostas with grilled pork
Chorizo in garlic and white wine
Churros with chocolate sauce
I ❤️️ west London
So, although at one point, west London was considered the domain of yummy mummies, snobs, toffs (thanks Made in Chelsea) and bores, I think this perception is quietly changing. And if not, then at least all the brilliant restaurants will always have room for me! There are lots of fun pop up activities, like adult ball pools and trampoline rooms springing up, too – I’ll write a separate post about this.
Next work lunch – we will be headed to Toro Gordo!
121 King Street, W6 9JG
Note: This was an independent review

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