Cereal Killer Cafe: Shoreditch – is it worth a visit?

A cafe serving only cereal products. That is, bowls of cereals, and pop tarts – obviously (the breakfast food of champions). You’ve probably heard of the Cereal Killer Cafe – it’s the Shoreditch concept joint that has generally been reviewed as one hipster step too far. The latest thing owned by bearded East London types for the Instagram generation always looking for the new fad… However. For cereal lovers, and fans of kitsch, (and keen Instagrammers) it is a dream.
You just can’t help but be distracted by the rows upon rows of character-filled boxes of nostalgia. Everything is here, from Jurassic Park and WWF cereal to Minions and Star Wars. Then there are the American cereals. The boxes of sugary sweet, hyper coloured, American dream cereals. Reeces Puffs were my cereal of choice, ordered with banana topping, banana milk and a squeeze of Nutella, because it obviously wasn’t sweet enough already…
You order a small, medium or large bowl. Medium can combine two flavours, large can combine three. You can choose from a range of toppings, flavoured mills or flavour combos. The menu is a little overwhelming but the friendly (bearded) staff are patient and helpful. They know their grains. Also, they are probably used to people being distracted from their orders by spotting and squealing at troll dolls, Spice Girl photo cards and VHS tapes of Bill and Ted, on the walls, anyway.
There is seating upstairs and down, and the VHS players are in the downstairs area. Ok, this isn’t the most gourmet of places (wait, peanut butter cereal could be, right?), but it is fun. The conversations that the decor and the cereal strike up are fun and nostalgic, so in my books, that makes it a winner. A second branch has already opened in Camden, so it looks like the early risers at Cereal Killer are certainly onto something. Until someone opens a dedicated midnight snack cafe, of course.

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