Why ‘I’m working from home’, shouldn’t be laughed at


Welcome to my office…

“I’m working from home tomorrow”. No, really, I’ll be working from home. We all think we know what that means, right? At least, you know that upon announcing it, you’ll probably be greeted with a few knowing looks of what people think ‘WFH’ really means… I bet you are picturing this: A lie in, a long breakfast (porridge instead of an apple on the run), a leisurely morning watching This Morning while you turn your laptop on, and perhaps answering a few emails (to prove you are ‘working’) before breaking for lunch. Right? Wrong.

I was ‘working from home’ today, because of an annoying valuation appointment that was planned for some time in-between 10am and 3pm. I have recently moved a 1.5 hour tube and bus commute away from my office, so couldn’t get around going to work and being here for that. Hence, WFH.

I am really missing my early morning gym classes. So, to kick start my day, I woke up early (albeit an hour later than usual), and went for a run in the beautiful sunshine across Blackheath. I was back and showered before 930am: my usual office start time. I switched on my emails, and wrote a time plan for my day, which, being away from the distraction of tea runs, phone calls, and office gossip, meant I actually kept to.


The open road… Working from home meant I could fit in a 5k run!

My day’s task list included writing a presentation, uploading nine articles, keeping on top of my emails, writing two blogs for FashCatherine in my ‘lunch break’, and cleaning the kitchen… All, done. And all by 5pm – 30 minutes earlier than my usual finish time, and without the usual 1.5 hour (sweaty and cramped) commute back home: which I am convinced is a contributing factor as to why I keep catching so many cold and flu bugs.

I had time to then cook dinner and catch up on some TV, all before 7pm – what a luxury! So, not only was I more productive, I was calmer, less stressed, and far less sweaty (the Jubilee line at 6pm is a real sweatbox…)

What do you think? Do you ever ‘work from home’, and when you do – are you more productive? Let me know, below…


  1. Kirsty
    April 13, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    I’ve WFH (H for hairdresser) before, got lots done and left looking fabulous 😉

    • April 13, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      Brilliant idea! A great way of multi-tasking, and avoiding the ‘holiday’ chat… 🙂

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