8 of the best girls’ shoes, as seen at AlexandAlexa for fall 2016 [PREVIEW]


[Butterfly crib shoes, by designer Sophia Webster]

There’s little more pleasing (especially to someone who loves shoes) than the sweet sight of a new season collection of footwear. Imagine, then, how wondrous a beautiful shoe has the potential to be when appearing in miniature… Well, wonder no more, as I bring you an edit of my favourite girls’ shoes I saw at the AlexandAlexa autumn winter preview show. Yes, they might not be available for a few months, but there are similar, sunnier styles available online at AlexandAlexa right now, ripe for the buying. And anyway, who can resist a preview when they are this divine?

I know you shouldn’t play favourites with your shoes (a la Cher Horowitz) but I have intentionally started with the pair (above) because they immediately made me start having heart palpitations. They are the ‘oh-so-sweet’ Butterfly crib shoes, by designer Sophia Webster. These are for babies, but there is a bigger size range in similar styles. After lusting over Sophia’s adult collection with the same winged heels, the sight of these was almost too much ‘cute’ to bear before I had even had the chance to down my morning coffee.

Keep scrolling to see my other top picks…


Carrement Beau crib shoes – rose gold, bows, tiny feet. Ooo la la, this beautiful French brand has won me over


Feiyue trainers – for boys girls… whatever, just don’t miss out on the seriously cool elephant trunk trainers available in the summer collection, online now, here


Minna Parikka – AND YES, SHE DOES DO ADULT STYLES TOO! This brilliant brand of footwear won’t be sold on AlexandAlexa until autumn, but it’s one to remember for then. Pom poms, bunny ears, I mean, how can you resist…


In my opinion, Charlotte Olympia is one of the most exciting and glam shoe designers around, and she proves she has driven this right down to her children’s collection with sweet cat motif and bling gold heel. These are available to buy, now – woo hoo!


Some more beauties from Sophia Webster Mini – because you can’t go wrong with a silver shoe, especially when it is a trainer. Comfort and cool, serious parenting points, here.


The collection of kids’ ski wear and moon boots at AlexaandAlexa is unrivalled, and really cool. I couldn’t pick a favourite, so decided to share them all, and I liked the spacey set up, too


I’ll finish how I started – Sophia Webster Mini in a kind of ladybird/butterfly style. Hey, if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it…

Which ones are your favourites? Let me know by commenting below…

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