Marks & Spencer’s kids and babywear is FANTASTIC… Don’t miss my top fall season 2016 highlights [PREVIEW]


[Autumn winter 2016 M&S babywear]

Have you noticed, children’s and babywear at Marks & Spencer has undergone somewhat of a transformation in the past couple of years? Along with new and exciting designers coming onboard and cool collaborations (Lil’ LonDunn with supermodel Jourdan Dunn, artist Sophie Wilkinson for Autograph babywear), it has had a layout revamp across stores, and online along with the rest of the site, to draw shoppers attention to the gold nuggets of fashion that have always been there – you just may not have known about it.


Yes, this is an M&S childrenswear hat! And dungaree dress… so on trend, but eternally sweet

It is my personal (and humble) opinion, that the kids’ and baby fashion collections always seem to be tucked away or on the top floor, and I would guess used to mainly be bought in the same way that you’d pick up a card/bra/salad from M&S – by way of a happy accident. As in, “I picked up this really cute dress for [INSERT BABY’S NAME] while I was buying my ‘Dine in for two for £10’ Saturday night dinner”. You may have always known that M&S make quality garments – but now I want to show you how cool they are, too…

I do feel a little bit the same about the beauty department, too, now I mention it, which is practically bursting with excellent brands (Pixi, REN, Murad, SKYN Iceland, Living Proof etc etc) – brands which need a little explanation, and which must have been a real coup to have onboard, but whose gems are also always a little bit tucked away. It is a veritable one-stop-shop for some of the best head-to-toe beauty brands around – spread the word!

If it were me – those Per Una departments, which are always empty and at the front of the store? I would immediately replace them with the treasure trove of unbelievably exciting and well-designed childrenswear that has been hiding away. Here are my top picks from the autumn winter 2016 children’s and babywear collections – I can’t wait to get shopping…


Harvest festival style dungaree pincord dress, so sweet


Fruity jumpers for babies!


Nature or social media? What’s your first thought? Might be quite revealing…


Wow! Such a fun hat, also comes in grey – snap it up! 


The selection of shoes for children is amazing – these styles go up to an adult size six. Just saying…



Smile! Definitely buying this camera bag for myself!


More cuteness from the harvest festival style babywear collection


The denim for the older children is really on trend, with nice twists like a braided belt or bright patches


Unisex – the trend which keeps growing, has been given a nod to her by the styling. Love the combination of the streetwear with the fluffy bag

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