What do I need to take to a day spa?



Whether for getting the hair out of your face while in the sauna, or tying your hair up after a facial (often a facial comes with an oily head massage, which you WILL want to say yes to because, oh wow, they feel soooo good…), take a stack of hairbobbles and the ones you wrap round your face to keep hair from your eyes.


For brushing said oily/steamy/knotty hair, post-treatment.

Don’t take jewellery

Why increase the risk of losing one of your favourite earrings or necklace? Leave it all at home, you’ll only have to take it all off straightaway, anyhow.

Your own flip-flops

You might like the idea of wearing the spas slippers, but you might find your own are more comfortable. Plus, you know yours will fit properly. Squeezing your feet into ‘too-tight’ shoes, will take the edge off your zen. Also, if you have a pedicure, you won’t want to ram your newly painted nails into shoes with toes. Side note: You won’t ever need to take your own robe or towels.

Spare pants

I always like to take a spare pair, in case I have a treatment with them on and they don’t offer paper pants, and then you get oil on yours… You might also like to take a spare change of clothes, something breezy, to go easy on your newly cleansed skin.

A snack and a book/magazine

Is it just me, or do you feel a little lightheaded post-treatment? I like to pack an energy snack to have on the way home, to save me passing out and having to reach out my well-oiled limbs to hold on to a stranger.

A book or magazine can help pass the time between treatments – lucky you, having more than one! – or to relax with, (drool into, as you will probably fall asleep) after your treatment.


You’ve just been to a spa. Even gloomy grey skies will hurt your eyes. Now is the time to act like a diva, and make that ‘just been to the spa, dahling’ feeling last as long as you can.

Don’t take your make up bag

Might be tempting to put on just a little make up post-spa, but don’t do it, not even mascara, as when you take it off later, you’ll be wiping off all those wonderful treatment oils you just paid through the nose for. Let them work their magic, and cover up your fresh face with aforementioned items if you have to take public transport home. [Don’t drive? Uber, book an Uber home].


Additionally, if you are going somewhere with a pool/steam and sauna facilities…

Two swimming costumes or bikinis

I am known for overpacking swimwear on holidays, but this here is a tried and tested tip. Say you have a swim first, then you have to potentially have your treatment in your wet bikini, OR, you have to put your cold and wet bikini on again after your treatment. Just throw a spare in, it’s not heavy and you might just be glad you did.

Your own shampoo and conditioner

If the spa isn’t at Gleneagles, there’s a chance the shampoo toiletries might not be of Cowshed standard… Buy your favourites in mini, just in case


By FashCatherine editor, Catherine Hudson

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