[NEW BRAND] The softest of shoes for the smallest of feet: Bimble Shoes


Bimble shoes

If you are anything like me, you already have a wide selection of shoes of your own, and have been planning your child’s footwear wardrobe for years – even before they were born, (or is that just me?). So, every time I discover a new footwear brand for kids, (usually on Insta, or in my day job as a kids’ fashion editor) I get a teeny bit excited about the latest addition to the collection for all the minis in my life – and those yet to arrive. My niece hasn’t even been born yet, and I (as her assigned stylist) am already planning to have two or three pairs of Bimble shoes in her ‘drobe.

This family run, baby shoe business offers a capsule collection of sumptuous leather shoes – super soft but which toughen with wear, for early-walkers.



Owners, and sisters, Bethany and Osyth, set up Bimble to challenge the 21st Century idea that babies need shoes that are often restrictive and supportive to the point of being too hard. After consulting with podiatrists, the sisters found that their ideal shoes for early-walkers – a soft leather shoe – was an ideal shape and softness.


For thousands of years baby humans have been running around barefoot, finding their balance and strength by staying in close contact with the ground beneath them. Foot health specialists now attribute a variety of foot problems in young adults – and even children – to the fact that we have moved away from this simple start, as many people now think they should put soft baby feet into rigid, structured shoes with plenty of support. We are all about getting back to our roots. Little feet need space to move uninhibited and to feel the ground beneath them to develop strength and balance – the way nature intended!” – Bimble


Bimble red shoe, £45

Bimble shoes are ideal for wearing indoors and outside. There is a wealth of information on the website about the science behind the brand, but as well as being a great fit for your littlest ones, there are also just really cool to look at and cute as a button.

The ‘super limited edition’ platinum luxe moccasin shoe, £70, pictured below, have gone straight to the top of my wish list. There are only 12 pairs available, so get shopping quick smart. Race you to the Bimble website


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