NEW: The baby ‘changing bags’ from JEM + BEA that you will ‘need’


Straight to the top of the wish list…

Some things in life, you truly ‘need’. And then there is that thing that comes along every now and then that you truly ‘neeeeeeeeeed right now, because it is my new favourite thing and my life will be so much better when I have it’. These two bags, above, for me, fall into the latter category. Designed by luxury changing bag brand Jem + Bea, which won the Junior Design Award in 2015 for best changing bag, the cute and covetable latest additions to its ever-growing collection are (I suppose) a treat rather than an actual necessity – but isn’t that what all the best things are?


MAMA pouch, £45

Saying that, the ‘BABA’ pouch (below) is only £16. Made from wipe-clean nylon, with a fully waterproof lining lemon yellow text and a zip top, it is the perfect place to store changing essentials or wet clothes on the go. So this has the potential to be one of those life-enhancing things that you may find yourself asking whatever you did without it. When is a changing bag not a changing bag? Think this pouch might be the answer.

The ‘MAMA’ pouch, £45, is made from soft tumbled calf leather with gold embossed text. It also handily has a waterproof lining – so you can use it during day duty, but can also use as a cute clutch. I can feel my fashion senses sparking just talking about this bag. It’s just so soft. Like I said, I ‘neeeeeeeeeeeed’ one…


BABA pouch, £16

We all know that changing bags have had a dramatic makeover, over the past few years. Confidence-boosting baby bags are now in great supply – so why buy a ‘sack bag’ if you have always been partial to a leather beauty BB (before baby) – leather can be wipe clean! And plus, all the fancy new bags have wipe clean and waterproof linings. More inside track on the latest cool changing bags, coming to FashCatherine, soon…

‘Boring, or garish and chintzy’ has been replaced by ‘cool, trendy and understated’. A changing bag can now make a style statement, it can make an outfit – and it will always fit. The ‘MAMA’ and ‘BABA’ pouches perfectly complement the wide selection of changing bags designed by JEM + BEA. Have you seen the new spring summer 2016 camouflage and leather satchel styles? You must check them out. The pouches above will be available online at JEM + BEA from July 2016 – I’ll see you there!

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