WATCH: Nominate your local park for a Savse summertime clean up! [VIDEO]


Summer is here/on the way (honest), and that means its time to play outside; whether that’s BBQ-ing on the regular or taking the kids to your local park a heck of a lot more.

Smoothie brand Savse noticed that some local parks could do with a bit of a clean up, so has partnered with the folks at GoodGym to attempt a mission to tidy up local play areas, and turn them into bright and colourful destinations! Perhaps this will help to brighten up the weather, too?… They started with Honor Oak Park in Lewisham – watch the transformation, below…

You can join in the fun, and nominate your favourite local play area for the Savse x GoodGym team to come to the rescue.

You can also volunteer to help get involved with the projects.

Savse smoothies is also campaigning to to cut the ‘B.U.L.L’. “We think that it’s about time that you lovely people were able to pick up healthy smoothies that don’t compromise on taste, so we’ve dedicated our lives to changing the drinks industry for the better, bringing you the best smoothies and juices you could ever wish for, with a promise to include no B.U.L.L. (No Bad ingredients, Unnatural sugars, Lazy recipes or Lies).”

Check out the tasty range, here. The Protein Punch and the Super Purple sound mighty good to me!


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