5 easy ways to beat the winter bloat


The halls are being de-decked, boozy Christmas parties are already a distant memory, and yet the supermarkets are STILL offering those supersized tins of chocolates at bargain basement prices... It’s no surprise, then, that you might be wondering how to conquer January with a healthy attitude to all of that December indulgence, when every is talking about resolutions and diets, but your cupboard is still full of luxurious leftovers (and three Chocolate Oranges….).

1 – Make an effort to fit exercise that you think you’ll actually enjoy instead of signing up for things like bootcamps. Not only is exercise healthy, it should make you feel a lot better pretty much straight afterwards. And it doesn’t have to be hours long, maybe just 20 minute bursts to start with, or try a team sport. We all know that endorphins are released by exercising: so trying to keep up a regular routine to help wave ‘goodbye’ to those pesky winter blues.


Dust off your bike – there’s some brilliant cycle paths out there

2 – We all know you shouldn’t use exercise as an excuse to eat another piece of cake. However, in January in the UK, it is freezing cold and we often need a little comfort food to see us through, so offsetting with an extra class, or a run, will do more good than harm.

3 – Yes, your bed will always be more comfortable than sets of burpees, especially when it’s dark outside, but getting yourself up to go running or to morning workouts, will release energy-inducing adrenalin.

4 – As an alternative, setting yourself a comprehensive ‘at home’ workout of 30 minutes of toning exercises can be easier to commit to than a class: and also means you can snooze in bed for a little longer.


I’ve run a half marathon three times now. Maybe a fourth for 2017? Any suggestions?

5 –  If you are training for a springtime marathon (congratulations!), you should download training timetables, and start now. Training with a friend can be a great tool to success: because there will be a time you can’t face another run in the dark alone. Mix up running with fun indoor classes and team sports, too. I have signed up for a Go Mammoth netball league – wish me luck!

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