New way to exercise? Rave away January blues at Frame, Shoreditch

If the thought of making resolutions leaves you feeling frosty, then leave the list alone and make one change to get yourself down to FRAME in Shoreditch. Combat January blues and warm up with a RAVE class, (oh, yes), where you are guaranteed the same endorphin-filled fun feeling of dancing round uninhibited at a clubwithout the hangover. Or maybe their newest class, cardio barre. Whatever class you choose, this place makes exercise fun – in a nice/cool way, not in a happy-clappy-cringey way.


If you forget your dance kit, (perhaps feeling a little foggy-minded after the Christmas break?), then you can rent NIKE kit for just £5 and hand it back at the end of the class for them to wash – cheers! Then rehydrate with a smoothie at the in-club Fuel Bar, where you can order before your class and find it waiting for you, afterwards: leaving you primed and ready to attack that NY resolution list. Which, by the way, I think is much more sensible to start making in February when you have a clearer head.

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