How do you get from Malé to your resort, in the Maldives?


There she is! There’s Malé, the capital of the Maldives. It will most likely be your first glimpse of island life. Not as ‘idyllic’ looking as you thought it would be? That’s because this is the most inhabited of all the near 1,200 islands, populated entirely with local Maldivians. Check out my ‘10 of the best facts about the Maldives’ article for more stats. When you land, it is from here that you will catch a pre organised seaplane or boat to your resort.


Coming in to land at Malé


Malé airport, currently undergoing renovations

It is more than likely that you will be staying in some beautiful and luxurious resort, so you will have pre booked your onwards transport. As soon as you pick up your bags from the carousel, you go through passport control and there will be a wall of resort staff with signs to represent the resorts. Find yours, and they will escort you to a check in desk. We first travelled to Per Aquum Niyama via seaplane. Everything just seems to ‘happen’ around you – so, just go with the flow and let them look after you: you’re on holiday, now!


The Per Aquum Niyama seaplane lounge

The seaplanes aren’t chartered until the day before, so you won’t hear the exact time. Again, go with the flow. You will love your little stopover in the lounge, anyway, where there is usually a buffet and massages, as well as entertainment for kids. It won’t be long until you are boarding your seaplane…




The seaplanes are small, comfortable and perfectly safe. It’s a smooth flight, weather permitting! You will be given earplugs because of the loud noise of the propellors. Your bags will have already been loaded onto the plane, and you can take hand luggage with you. A large inflatable can be taken on as hand luggage as well as a handbag (I took my SunnyLife flamingo!).


Take off! Our journey to Per Aquum Niyama was a 45-minute flight


Touchdown – you arrive at the resort’s seaplane jetty, and no doubt a line of resort staff will be waiting there to greet you



Time to relax…


If you are island hopping, like we did, your hotels (as long as you have booked them to) will coordinate your seaplanes. They will give you your takeoff time back to Malé the night before your departure. Any questions, ask your thakuru (butler). We flew from Per Aquum Niyama, back to Malé, then chilled at the Conrad lounge before flying on anther seaplane just a 30-minute flight to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. All smooth, all suitably swish, all super cool.

I spent a large portion of my pre-holiday time worrying about how the hotel flights and transfers would work. Moral of the story? Trust in your luxury resort. If they say something is going to happen, it will. And book the seaplane instead of the boat. A 30-minute seaplane flight will take around three HOURS by boat…

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