What is snorkelling really like in the Maldives? [VIDEOS + PHOTOS]


Snorkelling on a day trip at Per Aquum Niyama


We took two underwater cameras, a GoPro Hero and our trusty VTech Kiddizoom Action, which both have photo and video modes. We love our little Kiddizoom, which has already been to Bali and Thailand (where I accidentally threw it in the pool without the case, and it still works) with us! The quality isn’t as sharp and is more pixelated than the GoPro, but it’s easy and it works a treat.

I wished we had tried the GoPro more before we went, tested the modes and things, but we did shoot a fair amount and managed to snap the wildlife (loads of Angelfish, Clownfish and even baby sharks and turtles!), and beautiful corals. You just need to make sure you buy all the add ons and bobber rod etc. We will be investing in a screen, so we can see what we shoot as we go.

Note: Everyone on a snorkel trip in the Maldives is hoping to swim past a beautiful whale shark. We weren’t lucky enough, but maybe next time!


Sadly, the coral in the Maldives, as with all over the world, has been subject to bleaching thanks to global warming, which DOES exist! But it is still an incredible place to snorkel, let alone dive. I liked the house reefs at the hotels, the best, because you could get really close to the fish, and we even saw lots of baby sharks swimming in the shallows!

These first photos, and the below video, are from our day trip out at Per Aquum Niyama. We saw baby sharks and four turtles! Here is a video of one of the turtles, he is in the middle – very well camouflaged…


A coral garden



It’s a baby shark! 


Next up, photos from the house reef at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. We were really pleasantly surprised at how good it was, seeing as all guests can swim here. Sadly some guests have kicked the coral, but most of it is still in good shape. It just shows, you need to take lots of care to swim over it. The smaller photos were taken with the VTech.




13 neon fish



16 angelfish

17 clownfish

Hello, Nemo! Looking straight at the camera!




Our third snorkel trip, which was out to sea at the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island


Sorry for the shakes on this video, this was our first go at using our GoPro! Such cool colours on this little fish, though…







The Maldives: you don’t even need to go underwater to see the fish. Here I am pointing out a baby shark!

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