The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 20

Sleeping, 20-week scan and nesting

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

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20 weeks pregnant, loving my Fact + Fiction rucksack

I’ve been given advice to ‘enjoy’ being pregnant, and also to make the most of getting lots of sleep while I’m pregnant… I am well into the second trimester, now, and, (mostly) feel less nauseous, so I am starting to enjoy the pregnancy more, for sure. However. Sleep well while pregnant? Now that is proving more of a challenge. Getting up to go for a wee every couple of hours, which I am told will only get more frequent, being uncomfortable sleeping on my back, being pinned to sleeping on my left hand side because apparently that’s best for the baby, and suffering with headaches, weird dreams and infrequent cramps, all make for rough nights. Any tips, anyone? I have just started using a pregnancy specific pillow, so let’s see how that goes.

20-week milestone

Meanwhile, during daylight hours, all I had mainly been thinking about, (since week 12) was having our 20-week scan. It is the anomaly scan, where the sonographer measures the baby and checks for any ‘defects’. Sheesh. You have to grow a thick skin to get used to hearing words like ‘defects’. I hadn’t realised how nervous I had been about the scan. It is more commonly talked about as ‘the gender reveal’ scan, since you might be able to find out during it if you are having a boy or girl. We chose to find out, but, when we were actually in there I was surprised at how unbothered I was. I haven’t ever had a preference, but hearing him say things like, ‘your baby has two kidneys’ and ‘there are no holes in your baby’s heart’ was suddenly the only thing I was interested in hearing. Happily, we had a full, clean bill of health. Have to say, we are pleased we found out, but it’s all different strokes for different folks. Note: I’d say if you want to find out, but don’t want to have people asking what the gender is after your scan, then tell them before that you aren’t finding out, and then tell them in your own time.

Nesting central

To distract myself from thinking about the baby’s health the whole time, I generally like to ‘sort the baby’s nursery’. Goodness, what has become of me? Ok, I have always liked to organise stuff, from bedding to kitchen paraphernalia, but this is already being taken to another level. This week, I became obsessed with buying a bookcase for the nursery. It is so important to me that our baby has loads of interesting books at his or her fingertips. I also realised how many babygrows and vests we have when it took my mum two hours to sort them into ages… Someone STOP me! Actually, please don’t.

Baby watch, on the Baby Center app

Time to slow down

I have always been ‘busy’. Busy at home with my to do list, busy seeing friends and family and busy with work and events. But this week, my body physically forced me to stop. I got sick, and had to retreat to a bath and bed. Not that I’m saying I am bedbound now for the next four months, but, I do finally agree with my mum – I do need to slow down. A bit. Perhaps I need to learn to say no, sometimes. The thing is, now we have reached halfway, I am suddenly most happy in my pyjamas and either folding clothes, moving and reorgainsing the few bits of nursery furniture we have around our spare room (now called ‘the nursery’), or snuggled up on the sofa eating all of the chocolate and watching all of the TV. Luckily, the autumn and early winter is when TV is at it’s best. The Apprentice, Walking Dead box set and all of the Sky Christmas films are my jam right now. Life already has changed. And you know what? It is wonderful.

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’

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Inside my baby brain…

What I’m loving, this week

1 A pregnancy pillow – Seriously, all this ‘sleep on your left hand side’ has played havoc with my hips and the comfort of cosying up to this deliciously squidgy pillow has already made a good night’s sleep seem possible – bar all of the getting up to go for a wee. I’ll let you know how I get on. Bbhugme pillow, £135,

2 A nursery bookcase – Do you know how many amazing children’s books are out there? MILLIONS! And I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime to buy a bookcase to showcase my favourites. This week we bought this lovely one in my go to colours – white and grey. Maisons du Monde bookcase, £179.50,

3 Stretch mark cream – Does it stop stretch marks, or reduce them at least? Or is it all in the genes? Honestly, I still haven’t figure this out, but I am slapping the stuff on morning and night. I rate the Pai Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seed, which is a cream for the morning and an oil for night. I also carry a Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil with me in the day because bump often gets quite dry and itchy, where it is growing at a rapid rate. So, oiling up regularly definitely helps soothe that.

What I’m loathing, this week

1 Green vegetables – I don’t understand the whole ‘you’ll know what the baby needs to eat’ thing, because surely it needs vitamins that come from veg? And I just can’t stomach the stuff. We had a roast dinner today and my plate is beige, as it always is these days. Any tips? Recommendations?

2 Not having a maternity coat – This was one of those tings that I thought was really silly to buy. Oh how I’m laughing on the other side of my cold, cold face, now! It’s freezing and my coat does not zip up any more. Mix that with hormones making me upset about having to walk to the train and it’s not a good start to the day. Being pregnant in winter, for me at least, means I need a maternity coat.

3 Baby brain – This IS a real thing. I am forgetting what I am thinking halfway through any given sentence, meetings can fall out of my head and the simplest thing to write can feel a tad overwhelming. As for tasks, if they aren’t written down, then I have no hope. Confusion reigns.

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