The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 21

Confidence, quiet time and trial runs

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

FashBaby: A whole new kind of adventure hosted at FashTravels. Here, you’ll find a weekly diary of my pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy: a tale of two halves, and two tubs. Jude’s – I’ll have both, ta.

I’ve already established that pregnancy, for me, is a tale of two halves. While I am a little nervous of my ever increasing ‘muffin top’ and the thigh chafing, (oh yes, the struggle is real already and the return of my double chin is imminent), in many ways, I just don’t care. I think it’s cheesy to say that I’m ‘in awe of my body’, but actually, I kind of am. I think a lot of my early worrying was because I didn’t trust my body to stretch and grow in the right way to support and nurture an actual other human, but here we are, and there it goes. Doing its thing. Go me! The growing size of my belly makes me feel quite womanly, and at worst just balances out my curvy behind. So in a lot of ways, I’m winning. I’m proud of how my body is changing, and I have even adopted the ‘pregnant stance’ – hand on hip, back arched.

The quiet life

I’m a little worried that all I talk about is the baby. But on the other hand, I think, gosh – how could it not? As it turns up, it takes up a lot of brain space. My other half today joked that I was always associated with wine, pre-pregnancy. What now, then? Nappy chat? Oh no. Let’s see how that pans out, especially with Christmas looming. Will I be replacing my liquid calories with extra mince pies and double cream? Oh YES! (By the way, did everyone think the Catherine = wine thing, or was that just him? Actually, don’t answer that…)

I’m learning to enjoy the quiet life, for now, with the weekly pang of wanting to throw on my dancing shoes and go to a soul train all-nighter usually quickly replaced with the sofa calling my name. I am, however, feeling more energetic that I have in months, and want to start exercising again – I’m happy with my changing body, yes, but I want to stay healthy and I’m not planning on keeping the double chin. I’ve kept up lots of walking, but pregnancy yoga, easy gym work and swimming are all on my agenda. Promise. Once I stop feeling sick. How are you keeping fit, fellow pregnant people?


Trial run

I babysat my 14-month-old niece this weekend, overnight. She is becoming very… independent. I experienced her being hungry, but refusing to eat, not wanting to be put down, or held, and only wanting to watch CBeebies, even when it is only boring adults talking about their community centre. She had been ill, so she was even more clingy than usual, but it really did hit home how much patience parenting calls for. Especially around the time she turned her nose up at dinner for the twentieth time. It’s certainly not all cute babygrows and nursery furniture, I know that. But the hard work and new challenges are inevitable, so for now, I’ll just keep nesting and reading. I know most of my learning will come ‘on the job’. Over halfway now – where does the time go? Uh oh, I sound like my mum.

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’

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 Inside my baby brain…

Things I am loving, this week

1 Polo mints – I can eat a whole pack on my commute in to work. Not sure I’d recommend that, per se. Also, lemons and anything sour: I can’t get enough. Hopefully this won’t mean a sour faced baby for me.

2 Thoughtfulness – I was curled up on the sofa (obviously), when I received a text from my boyfriend to tell me he had transferred me some money to book a pregnancy massage. He said it was because I had finally stopped pestering him to get me one and that I deserved it. I think it had something to do with the fact he was still going to play football when I had wanted him to come babysit my niece… Whatever, it was a lovely gesture. He also brought me a milkshake on his way home from work without me asking – now that’s true love.

3 Pregnancy jewellery – I have found some really great maternity fashion, and finding out how to style it in with the rest of my normal wardrobe – watch this space. But I am also discovering the brilliance of great accessories. A cool pair of dangly earrings or a pretty necklace chain will always fit and lift any outfit. I absolutely LOVE my Blooming Lovely pendant, pictured above, which has a chime charm and I wear it with everything. I love the thought that the baby can hear it. Not sure I’ll be wearing any of this when I have the baby and it can pull on these things, but for now, it is all proving a great pick-me-up.  

What I’m loathing this week…

1 Pregnancy acne – I suffered with teenage acne, so I am glad it hasn’t made a total comeback, but I have noticed big, painful spots popping up along my jawline and neck. Pregnant hormones or result of too much sugary foods? Any advice, do let me know.

2 Painful underwear – Don’t buy cheap pants: especially thongs. Ever, really, but especially when pregnant. Enough said.

3 The ‘mum-to-be’ label – This one is totally engrained and I get it, but I actually feel like a full blown ‘mum’ already. Growing a person is hard work and I’d like the proper title already. I realise this is just a bit of a ‘poor me’ whinge, really, than a proper ‘loathe’, but hey, just thought I’d mention.

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