The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 22

The one where we went on a babymoon to Sri Lanka

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

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Off we go!

The golden era – feeling fine. And then SUPER stressed.

I have been patiently impatiently waiting to reach that golden second trimester, where everyone tells me I will feel ‘right on top of everything’ and back to my old self, just pregnant. Hmmm. Well, luckily, this week was that turning point – good job too, as I booked a trip to Sri Lanka before we discovered our ‘baby on board’ news and that trip was THIS week – phew! Not that it has been an easy slide into this week. Everything suddenly seemed highly stressful.

First up, I entered my date of birth incorrectly on my online tourist visa form and ended up having to go to the Sri Lankan embassy in London personally, to sort it out. Cue multiple visits back and forth, and me ending up collecting my visa and taking the lovely, lovely ladies who sorted it out a box of chocolates to say ‘thank you’, because I had actually burst into tears in front of them, apologising profusely for my nervous disposition and blaming everything about my emotional state on being pregnant. Sorry, baby. Also, having thought that you only needed a ‘fit to fly’ note past 28 weeks pregnant, I discovered on Sri Lankan airlines website that anyone ‘with child’ needed one, and that it had to be dated within three days of your outbound flight. Riiiiiight. Getting a last minute doctor’s appointment, then following up to chase the note all within a few days. Yeah. That was interesting. But I did discover you can get emergency notes like this through private clinics for about £50, though my own docs did come through for me in the end – at a cost of £40, for no medical, literally for a doctor to sign that I seemed ‘fit’ to fly. After all this, no one on the plane even checked my note! Moral of the story, however, be prepared – check your individual airline requirements way ahead of time, so you can book appointments etc. And also, make sure you have someone sense check any forms you fill in – baby brain can apparently make you get your date of birth wrong. We also had a family member’s funeral last week, plus endless pre-Christmas ‘catch-ups’ to attend, and honestly, it all got a bit much. I was, on top of all this, now worrying that my stress was giving the baby panic attacks. Sigh. HOWEVER. It was all sorted, all ‘catch-ups’ attended, and visas signed and sealed. Off we went to the airport. Was it all worth it? Absolutely. For us, 22 weeks pregnant was a brilliant time to go abroad, [it helped that it was during December and that the UK is FREEEEEZING!], and we found Sri Lanka to be the perfect mix of relaxing and intriguing.

Shangri La Hambantota beach

Bonding time

I’ve found that thanks to our busy lives, of work, play and duties, we barely have time to chat ‘baby’ stuff. Except the minimal appointment and ‘quick, feel my belly, the baby kicked – oh no, it’s stopped now’ chats. So, as well as being off for an exciting adventure in a new country, I was really looking forward to spending time just us two. Our itinerary was pretty chilled: a couple of nights in the city of Colombo, then six in Hambantota, beachside. So there was plenty of time to talk names, nurseries and imagined future things. And it’s been even better than I could have hoped. Aside from our own bonding time, we caught up on loads of sleep (thank you Chi Spa at Hambantota Shangri La for letting me sleep for hours, post-massage), and bonded with our baby, too.

Shangri La Hambantota lagoon pool

We have movement

Up until now, my partner hadn’t felt the baby move. But, after a bout of unfortunate mild food poisoning, (well, chilli, as it turns out), made me really, really sick for a couple of hours, I laid on the bed, barely breathing until I felt the baby move, again. Which, happily, it did, after a short time, and all was well in the world again. I think it was the first time he had also been a bit ‘panicky’, and he silently sat beside me. And baby, you put on quite the show. After he felt baby kick for the first time that night, a couple of night’s later, we watched as it wriggled and swam, almost alien-like, in a wonderful display that felt almost like it was showing off. And we lapped it up.

Our days at the hotels were very glamourous. We stayed at the Shangri La chain of hotels in both locations, and they were totally dreamy. All sunset pools, wafty curtains, gorgeous sunrises and strolls along an endless beach. But generally, my favourite part of the day, was having an early night, after watching the sunset and listening to the peacocks crowing from our balcony, settling into our HUGE bed, and watching our little one wriggle about. A baby moon abroad? If you can, I would highly recommend it. This is the last flight we’ll take together before baby arrives – GULP!

Shangri La Hambantota beach sunset

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’

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Inside my baby brain…

Things I am loving, this week

  1. ASOS maternity – I have been buying bits from ASOS for weeks. Buying bits out of season often means you can get good bargains. I especially like the kaftans, which you can just buy loose and wear after, and the maternity swimsuits. I mainly still wear bikinis, but this suit was so flattering and comfy.
  2. Pregnancy massage – Lying on my side at the Chi Spa, I fell asleep as I was massaged into a dream. More of this, please, when we get home!
  3. Taking time out – Being away from everything has made me realise I need to take more time, everyday, to breathe and relax. For all of our sakes. Less rushing, more realising that I can’t do everything.

Things I am loathing, this week

  1. Coming back to the cold – Enough said. But hey, Christmas is round the corner. Now, where’s that Christmas shopping list?…. Though actually, I did most of my shopping from my phone while poolside! Talk about multitasking, mama.

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