The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 24

We’re a team, baby – you, me and…

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

FashBaby: A whole new kind of adventure hosted at FashTravels. Here, you’ll find a weekly diary of my pregnancy journey.

Baby on board

I find that being pregnant is comforting. Having a little passenger with you all the time – it’s like being on a team of two! I sometimes think my mum can be a bit… clingy, emotionally, but then I’ve found myself wondering if my own baby would miss me when it is away from me and in the cot – yikes! I guess that’s the thing, this is why people say, ‘you’ll understand when you have your own baby’. And I hate when people say that! It’s been just the two of us for so long now, it will be strange when I have to share her. Although, it hasn’t really been just the two of us. Not ever. This baby is so loved by family and friends, and especially by my partner, who has made sure to rub cream on my growing tummy every night, brought me all kinds of takeaways (even when he doesn’t think I should be eating them, not really, at least not with such frequency!), tried to sneak me vegetables, walked away silently when my hormones have gone crazy, and let me go to bed early, watch what I want on TV and lie in when I need to – all without comment. We are so lucky. He’s going to be the best, most fun and patient dad, ever.

Photo of baby heartbeat check up, not a video

Checking up

Off we went to the midwife at my doctors for our 24 week check up. I say ‘we’, I mean baby and I, as dads only get time of work for two or three appointments, and that covers the scan. He’s run out of holiday, because we like to get away as much as possible, obviously, so I don’t mind doing the blood sugar/urine/heartbeat appointments on my own. I always film the heartbeat for him and the nans to hear. It sounds so fast, like galloping horses, and is the best sound in the world. I’ve said it before – I’ve loved going to see my midwives. Sure, I’ve seen someone different every time, but they’ve been (overall) very attentive and kind, and you know what? We are so very lucky to have this service on the NHS.

What to do with baby stuff you are given that you HATE?

It is so kind of people to buy anything for you or the baby and it can often lead to emotional displays – tiny baby Converse socks, I mean, come on! Adorable! But let’s be honest, sometimes, things just aren’t to your taste. Hate is too strong a word, but it got your attention and, you know what I mean, right? Maybe the things aren’t your style, they aren’t made of cotton, if that’s important to you, or they are huge, and you live in a compact space – what the heck do you do? Take a picture then send it on it’s way to the charity shop? I have told my mum, (because if you can;t be honest with your mum, then who can you be honest with), that she isn;t to buy me any ‘tat’. I realise this might sound rude, but doesn’t it save us all time and money? By tat, I mean, ribbon tied patterned boxes, large stuffed animals, any clothing with ‘forest friends’ printed or embroidered on them. We have a relatively small home – so, what do you do?

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’

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Inside my baby brain…

Things I am loving, this week

  • Baby reactions – I went to see Mariah Carey sing Christmas songs this week in a box at the O2 with M&S as a Christmas treat. It was weird and fabulous in equal amounts – she seemed a bit out of it, slurring her words when she talked, but then sounding incredible when she sung. All very American cheese. The baby reacted to the music, and especially loved the gospel choir songs – hallelujah!

Things I am loathing, this week

  • My boring cravings – plain bread, Bran Flakes and far too much chocolate, anyone? Didn’t think so. This baby is grown on Bran Flakes. Oh, and the midwife, very nicely, advised me to cut down from three sons of sugar on my flakes, to one. Ha!

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