The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 26

Christmas, acid reflux and wondering who I am

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

FashBaby: A whole new kind of adventure hosted at FashTravels. Here, you’ll find a weekly diary of my pregnancy journey.

Mama Bear mug, by Emma Bridgewater

Who am I?

Is this about the right time to have an identity crisis? Because its started to sink in that in 2018, someone will be calling me ‘mum’. Well, not out loud by next year, but that’s what I will be. In fact, I am now, right? It’s hard work growing a baby and I think I’ve already earned the badge of honour of ‘mum’. I also wonder how my partner and I will refer to each other, because I have already started saying “baby’s missed daddy today”, and then inwardly cringing at myself. I reckon that I will also start talking in a baby voice, at the baby and then not know when to stop and everyone will cringe at me, as well as me cringing at myself. But perhaps this is just part of the circle of life. Certainly, I know friends who I have laughed at this type of silly ‘new parent behaviour’, with, have then become parents and then done the very behaviour we laughed at.

Maybe I am destined to refer to my partner as ‘daddy’ in a platonic and cringeworthy way, and coo at my baby in irritating tones. But I am hoping that this kind of thing won’t consume me. I have waited until my (almost) mid-thirties to think about babies, and have happily established a career and friendship circle – both of which I absolutely love. As well as ‘mum’, I will still be ‘friend’, ‘daughter’, ‘journalist’, ‘style editor’, and ‘girlfriend’, in no particular order. And although I know that my time will be split, all of these things will still be almost as or equally as important. How? I guess I’ll find that out!

This time next year, I’ll only have one hand to open my gifts!

Pregnant at Christmas and not drinking

This week has been Christmas and tomorrow night it will be New Years Eve. And I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol. I miss Baileys, port and wine and Champagne. But baby, you’re worth it. It’s funny how many people have been horrified that I haven’t even had a glass. “Go one, just have one glass, it won’t hurt, you can have one, you know.” Yes, I know, but I just don’t want to. It’s like a personal challenge to myself. I accidentally had quite a lot to drink at about three weeks pregnant as I didn’t know I was yet, then felt horribly guilty for a whole week after. After that, no alcohol. And it’s fine, except I do miss a tipple and dinner parties aren’t quite as entertaining, and you do get tired more quickly – but maybe that all also has something to do with being pregnant too, hey? Sadly, I have been ill with a horrible cold all week and had to stay in bed and miss family outings bowling and cinema going, but the best present has been realising that soon, I will be able to say the baby will be here this year. Exciting!

I like it, but it hurts

This baby sure is a wriggle bum. And I love it. It is so very reassuring to feel your growing baby move around, just to let you know, ‘hey mum, I’m still in here and I’m A-OK’. BUT. I have to be at the height of Gaviscon intake due to acid reflux that occurs almost daily in the evening. Thank goodness it actually says on the bottle ‘safe for pregnant women’, because it is the only thing that puts out the fire. It hurts so bad. Oh, pregnancy – such a magical time!

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’

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Inside my baby brain…

Things I am loving, this week

  • Gaviscon – The only thing that eases my acid reflux, which is like a burning sensation straight up my throat. Made worse by all the leftover Christmas chocolate I have been indulging in.
  • BBHugMe pregnancy pillow – After a couple of weeks of almost feeling nervous of the pillow, (I don’t know why, maybe because it is quite big and I feel like it is a barrier between my partner and I?), I gave in and hug it while I go to sleep – and it is wonderful. I am sleeping on my left hand side to go to sleep, after advice, and have been finding that baby is so wriggly deep in the side of my belly when I do. So, cuddling this means I get support for my belly, and for my hips when I throw my top leg over, which seems to already be helping with my hip pains – result! I have also appreciated it acting as a barrier between us on the couple of occasions he has gone out and come home smelling of a beer or two. I don’t complain, he sleeps without me rolling him away… everyone’s a winner. BBHugMe pregnancy pillow,
  • Putting my feet up – I’ve just bought this pouffe from Next, because I read somewhere that I should be. And it feels luxurious and good. So, I thought I should buy something that encourages this. Also on this type of list will be booking more pregnancy massages. Any suggestions of great ones in London? Let me know!

Things I am loathing, this week

  • Catching a cold – Horrible at any time, but when you’re pregnant? Ugh. I did get to watch all of Sinner on Netflix, and it was a chance to stay in bed for two days, but I did have to carry on with Christmas events with a streaming nose and blocked sinuses. Nevertheless, I made the most of it – highlights included watching mum play Beer Pong, watching my niece unwrap her gifts and nesting by giving loads of stuff to charity and organising our home while sweating it out.
  • Pregnancy hormones – I hate blaming any kind of ill feeling on my hormones, but sometimes they do blow things out of proportion and leave you in a hot, crying mess.

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