The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 32

Considered movements, loving bathtime and starting NCT classes

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

FashBaby: A whole new kind of adventure hosted at FashTravels. Here, you’ll find a weekly diary of my pregnancy journey.

5 weeks bloat versus 32 weeks baby bump – no mistaking it now!

Consider yourself

Was it simply living in London, being a single, independent woman working in a fast paced industry that meant I dashed hurriedly everywhere – or was it being carefree in the way that I only had myself, in general, to consider, day-to-day? But since being pregnant, I have been subconsciously making ‘safer’ choices, and then catching myself doing it, and laughing.  More considered movements, like not reading a magazine when going down stairs, not jogging down tube stairs and holding onto the rail when I do, and actually going to the toilet as soon as I feel the need – does anyone else ‘hold it’ because they don’t think they have time to go? I used to hold it until I had finished a particular task, or until I got home – those days have gone. No, they are now actually impossible!

The consideration extends to thinking of baby before myself, even when it is me that is sick. Example, finding myself Googling, ‘Can coughing effect my baby”, and “natural remedies”, rather than wanting to take Paracetamol, which I have been told by my midwife is ok in minor doses (please check with your own healthcare provider), but which I am still loathe to use.

Learning to love a bath

You know I said I didn’t like baths? Well, I changed my mind: it’s a pregnant persons prerogative, right? In fact, I can spend an hour in there now, rotating from side to side, watching Gilmore Girls (I gave up on Suits – I was only watching for Meghan and found it all a bit too ‘smug jargon’) on the laptop and not noticing the temperature get lukewarm. It doesn’t do wonders for my neck (need a bath pillow), but it does take the weight off my back and bump.

Ahhh, baby. Now you take it…

NCT – it begins…

Since falling pregnant, people have most commonly said to me ‘just you wait’, ‘enjoy being pregnant’ and ‘you must know everything  already’. The last one, due to my job working on parenting magazines for the past nine years. However, I have been writing what they call the ‘fluff’. I know all about where to shop for baby’s clothes, where to take them on holiday and how to dress the nursery. I am a little less certain on the health and birth side of things – things which are getting ever closer. So, we signed up for National Childbirth Trust classes; a set of five classes spread over a few weeks, with most in couples and one session separated into pregnant women and birthing partners. Oh and one session dedicated to breastfeeding.

What to expect from NCT: These classes have a bit of an outdated reputation. Yes, they will promote breastfeeding and skim over bottle feeding, but this also depends a lot of your class host. Ours was brilliant. Open to all and any questions and beyond reassuring and willing to chat individual needs. Our group was of seven couples, all with due dates within a couple of weeks of ours. This network (set up a WhatsApp group), will experience the same things as you at the same time – which I have been finding invaluable. I’m writing this with a bit of hindsight on the classes, and just seeing a timeline of how birth will happen, in terms of biscuit size being used to illustrate the changing size of the cervix was so enlightening. Even just to open the conversation about birth and the realities, and to know our options on everything from pain relief to who will be present at the birth, was great to move our headspace from baby grows and cots to who our baby will actually arrive and what the heck to do with it, after.

I’m still feeling all at sea with what you actually do with a baby when you get home. But, who wouldn’t be? I mean, imagine, bringing a baby home for the first time. It isn’t crying or sleeping – so what do you do? Sleep yourself, stare at the baby, eat everything you can before it cries? I guess no one knows – we are all figuring it out along the way. We do at least feel much more empowered by going to NCT – in terms of knowledge and extending our support network. Side note: it was confidence boosting for my partner who often left the class feeling he had earned a badge of honour asking a question the class leader didn’t know the answer to, or answering one of her questions with something he got brownie points for.

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’



Things I am loving, this week

  • The newly opened Boden shop on Kings Road, London – Such a treat to find a whole floor of a shop dedicated to chidlrenswear! Baby and Mini Boden clothing is such great quality, and such sweet designs. I love this Octopus cardigan for the baby.

  • Meeting Samantha Faiers – Behind the scenes at the shoot for her new range with My Babiie. We interviewed lovely Sam for the May issue of Gurgle, all about family travel, and for online at

  • aden + anais muslin swaddles – This is the thing parents have told us we will need the most of: muslin cloths and swaddles! So I was delighted to receive some of the new Disney Baby ones from aden + anais – so soft and so beautiful. It’s Marie from the Aristocats!

Things I am loathing, this week

  • Bit misleading – I do NOT loathe my friends! But what this does illustrate is ‘going to house parties and not having a glass of wine’. I don’t loathe not drinking, but I do now miss having a glass or two. Mainly because my stamina for dancing is not the same without it. And Malbec is delicious. Yep, some do drink every now and then during pregnancy – each to their own – but you’ll know if you’ve read earlier entries that it’s just a personal challenge to myself to not while I am pregnant. Think that’s why my face isn’t too puffy  – I’ve just replaced my wine intake with chocolate.



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