The pregnancy diaries: What formula milk to use?

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

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I’ve heard that with parenting, as with most things, the best laid plans don’t always go to plan. Well, I am ‘planning’ on breastfeeding, but I also know that it can be hard going, filled with obstacles and not always right for everyone. I have also hear that after a few weeks of pure breast milk, it can be a good idea to get a baby used to formula, and/or breast milk, from a bottle, too. First, so your partner can be involved, too, and also so you can be independent away from your baby for more than the time in-between feeds. Sounds good to me. So, I’ve been thinking about what to try, seeing as there’s so much choice out there. I decided to poll my friends on Facebook, again, as they have proved very helpful so far with regards to maternity leave tips and what to pack in a hospital bag! Here’s what they had to say about formula milk… [names removed as my Facebook profile is private]
  • We mainly used Hipp Organic. But if you’re planning on using a nursery it’s worth finding out what milk they use (if included). Some nurseries expect you to supply your own milk and bottles. But if they provide them then worth getting the same at home in advance (the one we’re thinking of using has avent bottles and aptamil milk).
  • I had to take my  baby to a consultant last week to assess her tongue tie. I found out Cow and Gate and Aptamil are made by the same company, the same milk but branded differently for different markets! I.e no difference between those two!
  • REPLY – They’re owned/made by the same parent company, but I don’t believe they are the same?
  • REPLY – That’s right: though they’re made by the same company they have different proportions of ingredients.
  • I have used Aptamil with both my kids, I use the ready made one when I’m out and use the powder with prep machine at home. I was told by doctors when my son had bad colic that the ready made milk is better for stomach so used that a lot more with my son.
  • We mixed fed, but ended up on Hipp Organic, which was great! Despite being highly recommended the Aptamil, it made Rory really colicky. Every baby is different.
  • We used and liked Aptamil
  • We found Hipp Organic caused a lot less wind, but then a lot of babies find aptimel absolutely fine. Get the little bottles for your hospital bag just in case your partner finds himself ‘holding the baby and you’re elsewhere (hopefully not, obviously)
  • Didn’t use formula, boobs are free and easier!! Glad you’re getting prepared. Are you thinking of breastfeeding? Can I recommend checking out your local La Leche League? They welcome mums to be as well and they can provide help, support and advice. My local group was invaluable and it was a great way of meeting new mum friends.
  • MY REPLY: Thanks, yep, will be trying that too, but not guaranteed or always going to be possible, so just being prepared. Boobs not always easy for everyone, I’ve heard. Thanks for the tip, will check them out
  • All the formulas are pretty much the same from what I’ve heard. We found a private breastfeeding consultant who was amazing and also accessed our local NHS breastfeeding nurse team. All great and with fantastic advice but still needed formula and used Aptamil.
  • I used Aptamil and even after trying anti reflux, cow and gate, hip organic etc we still came back to aptimil. Both powder and made up bottles were great. And a prep machine was the best!
  • Whatever you choose we would def recommend the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine…regardless of what the health visitor says – they are brill!
  • I tried several formulas. Had massive issues feeding and didn’t find out he was dairy allergic til a year ago (poor love). They say goat’s milk is closer to human in consistency. You can get formulas made up of that.
  • Breast fed all of mine, yet used Aptamil when I weaned them for mixing with cereals as never got the hang of the expressing malarkey. Exciting times!
  • I’ve breastfed both the boys but with my first, my milk took ages to come in (like a week) and he was almost 10lb so he needed lots of milk from day one! We ended up giving him some aptimil bottles for the first few weeks while my milk supply increased.

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Thank you everyone for your comments and advice – does anyone have any further input? Please comment, below…



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