The pregnancy diaries: ‘I’m pregnant. Now what?’ – Week 34

Saying goodbye isn’t the end

By Catherine Hudson, editor of FashTravels

FashBaby: A whole new kind of adventure hosted at FashTravels. Here, you’ll find a weekly diary of my pregnancy journey.

Bye bye, for now, Gurgle office!

Calling time on the commute

The time has come to stop setting the alarm for 630am and travelling 1.5 hours out to Essex to the Gurgle office. love my job as style editor at Gurgle magazine, but my body is now saying ‘stop’. I collected advice from friends about when to start maternity leave, and decided to ask for three weeks working from home, before taking two weeks off on maternity leave before our due date. Who knows if this will work out in terms of baby arriving. Best laid plans, and all of that. I’ve worked in a magazine office for the best part of ten years and interned in offices and at fashion houses before that. So not commuting to work will be very strange, indeed. I know it will be a different kind of work, but my natural pace is fast, on the go and ‘what’s next?’. How will it go, working from home for the next six months to a year? We haven’t decided how long to take off yet, or whether we will do shared parental leave – all TBC!

My Gurgle colleagues gave me a lovely send off, with unicorn cake, balloons, posters and a card signed by them and staff from friends on Good Homes magazine, too. They very kindly collected money to buy us a John Lewis voucher (we can buy the baby bath!), and wrapped up some gifts, too. Unfortunately, I was ill, on my last office day. I trekked in, because it was my last day and I wanted to, but found out the day after that I actually had a chest infection! I think it was a combo of pregnant, work and funeral goings on that led to it. Naturally, I was thinking of my boyfriend and the baby, and not looking after myself. So, although from next week I will still have three weeks of work left, at least I will be able to set the alarm later, and work in pjs and with my feet up.

Check up

Did you know that check ups at the dentist are free for NHS patients when you are pregnant, and for a year afterwards? So along I went (for the first time in, ahem, three years…) and got a clean bill of dental health, bar a little plaque.

Saying goodbye

How to help arrange a funeral when you are pregnant? I tried: being quiet, listening, speaking up when I had something to say that I thought could be helpful and trying not to complain about pregnant aches and pains. My tried and tested method wasn’t always successful, but everyone is different – there is no rule book. Yes, it was a haze for most of the four weeks in-between my boyfriend’s dad’s death and his funeral. Yes, it was difficult to always know what to say or how to act, or to keep remembering that his dad now won’t meet the baby. Yes, the funeral was sad, but it was also a celebration of his life. And the eulogy my boyfriend wrote and read was incredible and had people laughing and reminiscing about the good times. I could;t have been prouder. The day was very long, (especially with a chest infection and being the only one not drinking) and we left at 10pm, last ones standing, with the remaining pizzas boxed up and my boyfriend a tad merry – thank goodness for efficient cabs.

We just dealt with it all the best we could, as we went along, and we are stronger for it. Life won’t be the same, obviously, but we have to adjust to a new normal – because, what else is there to do? A few good ways I did find to be useful and take some pressure off all the paperwork organising for my boyfriend was to design and print the order of service, collect and organise photo boards, and make a collection box for donations on the day.

* I must prelude anything I write in this blog series as totally my own experiences and opinions. I’ve already learned to prefix everything I say in general conversation about pregnancy and babies with, ‘everyone’s different, but…’



 Things I am loving, this week

  • Home cooked meals with friends – Such a tonic. My boyfriend is such a brilliant cook, and I love that we have a table big enough for so many friends to sit around. I think this is what a lot of our social situations will look like over the next few years – and isn’t that wonderful?!

  • Chocolate – When your boyfriend brings you a bar of Dairy Milk

 Things I am loathing, this week

  • Not being able to tie up my own shoes – Due to large baby bump. Or, if I have to tie my own, they end up like the above, tied to the side…
  • Coldsores, spots and headaches – Ah, the glamour of pregnancy symptoms, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. My What to Expect book lists symptoms and emotions month-by-month, and I always have to laugh at the lonnnnnng length of it, and how I have very nearly every one.



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